Ephesians Day 1-5

We’re already wrapping up the first week!  I’ve read Ephesians so many times, but a verse by verse study like this has opened my eyes to a lot already!  I’m praying it has for you, too. 

When you’re ready, read the entire chapter 1 all the way through to it’s end.  Verse 20 is an extension of the previous section, so it’s helps to go back and get the big picture. 

1.  Who is “he” in verse 20, and how is he demonstrating his power?

2.  Why is the fact that Jesus was raised from the dead central to our faith?  Think about other religions and their leaders or founders... how is Jesus different?

3.  Getting a little “Englishy” here ( NOT a word, but you know what I mean!), let’s look at 2 uses of symbolism.  Tell what you think is the importance of each here:

Seated - 

At God’s right hand - 

It’s an awesome thought to imagination someday approaching King Jesus in heaven and being able to worship at His feet paying honor to the work He personally completed to redeem us from eternal death!  

4.  What do you think is included in the “everything” under His (Jesus’) feet in verse 22?        When will this be (now or just in the future), and why is this important for us to understand for our lives today?

5.  God put Jesus in charge of everything, and Paul specifically mentions the church.  What is the church also called (verse 23)?  So why is it important that we honor the church and be a part?


Now if we connect ALL of this chapter together, it’s a beautiful picture of our life and purpose as  believers.  We are called & redeemed with a specific purpose through the perfect plan of God.  He chose Jesus to complete what we could not.  He paid the full price for our sin.  It is done. Jesus was raised!  And now, the Holy Lamb of God is seated with His Father in heaven ruling and reigning over all.  Join me in honoring Him and serving Him as one body!  

See ya Monday!



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