Ephesians Day 1-4

Morning!  Today will be more a day of reflection, journaling and prayer as we step into the next section.  I love Paul’s heart here!  It makes me think of you - even though some of us have never met!


Read Ephesians 1:15-19

1. Who is Paul speaking too here?  How does he feel about these people?

2. Who are the ones in your life that you feel this way about?   It’s amazing how the Lord knits our hearts together as brothers and sisters in Christ!  

3.  List the things that Paul specifically prays for for these people.  Try to find at least 3 or 4 things!  

To me, this was so helpful in giving me direction how to pray for the people in my life that God has connected me with in one way or another. There are lots of times I just don’t know how or what to pray, but I can start here!

4.  Spend the rest of your time today in prayer for someone specific who God keeps dropping into your heart and mind. There’s a reason He does that!  Use Paul’s example and pray those specific things for them.  

I’m honestly praying this for you right now... and for myself, too.  Thank you for opening your heart to me and God’s incredible Word!  He is working!!! 

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