Ephesians Day 1-3

Day 3!  I hope you’re finding a pattern for your study. I’m learning so much already after just 10 verses. My husband Brian is studying with me too, so it’s been awesome to have his insight along the way!  Think about inviting a study buddy join you, so you can bounce ideas off of each other.  Studying God’s Word together adds so much to a relationship! 

Today, let’s start off with a prayer asking for wisdom and understanding of what is often a confusing section of scripture, then go ahead and read Ephesians 1:11-14.

1.  This passage starts with the idea of inheritance.  Why was an inheritance so critical in Biblical times?  What’s the inheritance Paul is talking about here?  

2.  This passage has a “we, you, ours” structure. See if you can figure out who who each is?  I honestly had to look this part up!  This is important to the idea of chosen people sharing the gospel with the world, so that they can know Jesus too.

*see the bottom for some help!

3.  Predestination is a huge topic of discussion among scholars.  I’ve had lots of questions myself. Although we may not be able to understand the ways that God works, let’s focus in on the phrase “according to the plan of one who works out everything in agreement with the purpose of God’s will.”  How does this make you feel? 

4.  Expanding the same idea into our limited human experience, WHY and HOW do we usually plan for something important... like for a trip, a party, or a new child?  Does that help you understand the heart of God’s planning?  Why do you think He has a plan for us? 

5.  One of the most awesome things about God is how He lavishes His love and grace on us despite how underserving we are.  Verses 13-14 describe an incredible gift to us for right now.  

Who is the gift, and why is He so special?

What does it mean to be sealed by Him?  Maybe google “seal”.  It’s pretty cool to think about here as that applies to us and our relationship with the Lord.


There’s so much for us both now and in the future when we know Christ!  We’ve only scratched the surface in these verses when you consider all of the parts of God’s plan mentioned here: purpose, will, hope, glory, truth, salvation, belief, promise, redemption,... WOW.  

Maybe we should do less of questioning the parts of God that we’re unable to understand and more of praising Him for His character, perfection, and gifts.  Talking to myself here!  I’m thinking He’s got this covered, so I can let go of the death grip I have on life!  Freedom.


* The ”we” used in 11 refers to the Jews.  “You” in 13 refers to the Gentiles (that’s us!).  “Ours” in 14 refers to all of us coming together under King Jesus in His perfect plan.  All for His glory!


  • Thank you for doing this. I’m getting so much out of the scriptures like I’ve never experienced before.
    I googled seal, and I had to get past the singer, Seal, of course…but I got to the actual sealing or stamp definition, and it said the seal is a mirror image of the stamp used…yes! That’s us!! Because of this awesome gift of the Holy Spirit, we are now “mirror images” of Christ.
    I also have wooden decor piece on my wall that says…” the will of God will not take you, where the grace of God will not protect you.” There’s not a scripture with it, but it definitely reminds me of this passage. The gist is, God’s got me, and is with me every step of the way! Thanks again!!

  • I’m so thankful for His perfect plans that I can trust in and have peace when things seem overwhelming!

  • Thanks for clearing up and very challenging section of scripture…you’re doing awesome!❤️


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