Ephesians Day 1-2

I’m so thankful to hear from all of you who are studying with me!  Feel free to add any comments anytime or send a message with any thoughts you want to share.  You girls are such a blessing!

Take a few minutes to remove any distractions, grab a cup of something, and pray over your time with the Lord.  


Now, let’s read Ephesians 1:7-10. Maybe read it a few times and even back up connecting it to verses 3-6.

1.  What is the definition of redemption?  Maybe look it up and put it in your own words. And how do we receive redemption for our sin?  Simple question, but the gospel is very simple. 

2.  What is the spiritual blessing here that Paul describes as being richly poured out on us?  Why do you think wisdom and understanding are mentioned along with this?  

3.  Verse 9 has two awesome parts...

First of all, who makes the mystery of the gospel known to us?  In other words, who is it that reveals the path of redemption through Jesus?  That should make you feel very loved and chosen and relieved that salvation is NOT in human hands!  

Secondly, why did he do this?  

4.  Lastly, we end in verse 10 with a wonderful phrase...  “As a plan for the right time”.  Have you ever experienced the hand of God working at EXACTLY the right time in your life?  Beyond what you could have ever planned or worked out?  Write it down and reflect or journal a bit.  Maybe even write out a prayer to the Lord talking to Him about all of this.  He wants us to pour our hearts out to Him.  


God is sovereign and good.  Holy and wise.  Full of grace and love.  Rich and generous.  Perfect in His plan to save us from the wages of our sin and perfect in His plan for your day!  

Praying for you with a full heart today!



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