Ephesians 2-5

Rounding out the second full week of study, I feel like I’m starting to get into my routine!  We’re gonna look at the end of chapter 2 today then pause to soak it in!

Read Ephesians 2:19-22. This continues the thoughts from the last section on the unity of believers in Christ, so read back if you need to. 

1.  Why were we once strangers and foreigners to the family of God?  How did that change?

2.  Compare and contrast the setting and emotions of being a stranger somewhere with those of being at home. 

I listed things like: anxiety vs peace, loneliness vs acceptance,... that kind of stuff!  

3.  I love scrolling through Instagram and following other Christian businesses and mission groups.  I feel like I love them and don’t even know them!  

How is it that we can immediately feel a part of a family with other believers when we have never even meet them?  

4.  Look up “cornerstone” from verse 20 and describe the importance of it. 

Here’s an example I go back to... Our home sits on a slope. When we were building it, we went through a long, expensive process of pouring piers (deep support systems). Layers of rebar and concrete were used to essentially build the back corner of our house, so it won’t wash away in the storms.  I was impatient with the process and the cost because I wanted to get the walls up... do you get where I’m going?

On the flip side, my in-laws have battled foundation issues with their home for years.  What looks great from all physical appearances is giving way to a crumbling base. In effort to fix the foundational issue, they recently discovered that the slab was built using chicken wire as its structure. Ouch. 

I hope you see the importance of being founded in the Way, the Truth and the Life of Jesus through this example.  It makes me rethink a lot about what I’m building my life on. 

5.  Finally, who is the Cornerstone on which our entire faith is built?  What happens when we substitute something else for Him?  

I’ve learned the hard way that you can build a quick, cheap, good-looking structure in the name of ministry and works that crumbles when the real storms come.  And they will.  This is life in a broken world, and we are humans.  It’s buy His gift of grace that Holy Spirit helps us clean up the devastation, rebuild on Jesus Christ, and come home to our Father.  It’s so good to be home!  

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