An Overview of Psalms Study Day 1-1

Welcome to Psalms!  I’m excited for us to dive into this incredible book together over the course of 6 weeks this summer.  We’ll have 5 readings each week that include a brief passage from another Old Testament book and the Psalm that corresponds to it. 

I completed this study on my own last summer in a time of my life when I faced deep pain and questions along with the most personal encounter with my beloved Savior Jesus Christ that I had known in all of my 39 years of knowing Him.  I am so excited for you to experience a glimpse into the life of David and his journey through his writings and relationship with the Lord. 

Questions will be minimal each day. The focus will be on reading what was going on with David and his corresponding writing. We’ll travel through Psalms in a chronological order according based on what various historians have concluded about the timeline and authorship. There are differences of opinions about some of the details of some passages, but I hope you will focus on the heart behind each one rather than just the small stuff of exact dates.  I challenge you to read both parts and do some journaling in your Bible or separate notebook.  

It’s so encouraging and challenging to see who David was when he was at his best and his worst. The theme that I hope will resound in your heart is that God is steadfast even when we are not. He is to be obeyed and praised!!! 

So let’s got started!

For today, read some background on Psalms.  Look at the dates.  Look at who all the authors were.  Read about the purpose.  Maybe even define “psalms” if you haven’t before.  

One question for today...

Read Psalm 1.  Why should you and I study God’s Word?

I don’t know about you, but I am often that “chaff” (aka a tumbleweed!) blowing about in the hot and dry winds.  God’s design is instead for us to be that strong and fruitful tree enjoying the streams of life.  His refreshment.  Let’s soak up His refreshment this summer!



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