Tamar Lesson 9 - Humble

We’re almost finished with the story of Tamar. I hope you’ve had a chance to read most, if not all, of the novelette about her. This portion of the writings of Francine Rivers just breaks my heart for Tamar. If it was a movie, I’d totally be the one standing in the theater screaming for justice for her and accountability on the part of Judah!  I get a little wound up sometimes!

Read Genesis 38:24-30.

1. Spoiler alert again... Tamar conceives!  Why do you think she waited so long to reveal she was pregnant?

2.  What was the hypocrisy shown here by Judah in his initial reaction to her pregnancy?  How did Tamar show humility and grace in this moment?

3.  At what point did Judah experience a heart change?  Was it the exposure of the sin of others or the sin in himself that lead to this?

4.  How was Tamar blessed through her humble actions and selflessness?

5.  Which of the two sons was added to the lineage of Christ?  Does this surprise you in any way?  Peek back to Matthew 1 of you're not sure.


This story literally calms my soul and gives me peace about the sovereignty of our God.  I feel so free to let my circumstances go to Him when I see how powerful and creative He is with His plan and our part in it.  He uses the most hopeless circumstances to change hearts and perform His mighty work when we are humble and willing to serve Him.  Just as we read yesterday in Genesis 50:20, He can use the most difficult and dark circumstances for His good.

CONNECT:  What circumstance are you currently facing that seems hopeless?  How are you approaching it - with humility and patience or with a restless and frustrated heart?  Pray and ask the Lord for a glimpse of how He may be using this exact trial to reveal his power and redemptive plan to you and others.  

Humility doesn’t come naturally.  It comes when we face that which we cannot overcome in our own strength.  It washes over us when we are swallowed up in the reality of our personal sin.  And it wraps us up when we witness the power of the King of kings.

I am reminded each time I open the pages of God’s Word that He uses the humble and the unexpected to bring about new life.  Do I want to face trials that expose my sin and cause humility for my soul?  Lol!  Sign me up, right?!?  It’s hard to say yes to that, but at the same time, I wouldn’t want it another way.

I’ll end with this prayer for us today...

Lord, thank you for your ways that are so far beyond what we can imagine.  You are the sovereign God, and we are simple, sinful humans in need of you.  Please do what you need to in each of us so that we may humbly bring you glory.




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