Tamar Lesson 8 - Brave

Can you think of a time in your life when you had to be very brave?  Jot it down under today’s heading if you’re journalling.  You may have felt like you couldn’t do what had to be done, but there was absolutely no choice.  I definitely have a few times that I can recall, and they still make me feel sick to my stomach when I think about these moments in my life!

•When my parents pulled away from dropping me off at at college.

•During my pregnancy, when I realized that the baby in my womb HAD to come out somehow!

•When I needed to face someone I had deeply wounded and offer my broken heart despite great fear of rejection.

The whole “be brave” mantra speaks volumes to the swirling anxious heart, and for believers, this battle cry is rooted in Joshua 1:9.  Take a moment to look it up.  The book of Joshua comes after Genesis, but Tamar could have used that “verse of the day” in her feed right about now!


Read Genesis 38:12-23 and answer 3 questions:

1.  Did Judah or Tamar seek to do the right thing in order to fulfill the marriage covenant agreement?  How?

2.  Although this seems unfathomable in our western-cultured minds, why did things come to this?  Do you believe that Tamar was prostituting herself?

Its a fair and tough question!  Most scholars agree that Tamar was acting righteously in her attempt to fulfill her covenant with Er and Judah’s family, and that Judah was the unrighteousness one due to his unwillingness to do the right thing... again.  This was his life’s pattern up until this point.  Self-service and personal comfort at the cost of doing what was right.

3.  How did God use Judah’s unrighteous behavior to produce the perfect way to righteousness for all men?


CONNECT:  Finish by reading Genesis 50:20. This is one of my favorite verses in all of scripture because of the hope it gives me.  It’s right out of the mouth of Judah’s little brother Joseph when he faced his family years after he was abandoned by them. (Sorry!  Spoiler alert!)

So, in what personal situation has God shown you that He can bring about good from sin, failure, or hopeless circumstances?

God WILL fulfill His promises.  His plan is not plan B, It’s THE plan that will be fulfilled.  And  He will help us be brave and strengthened to do what we are called to do in order to honor Him.  So be strong and courageous, my friend.  He is making a way!

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