Tamar Lesson 7 - Honorable

I just have to start off today by saying what many of you are thinking... I can’t imagine being Tamar and being handed off from brother to brother to try to have a male child with them. Just so weird, right?!? I particularly love how Francine Rivers elaborates through her writing on what it must have been like for Tamar.  Bless that child bride!  

Reread Matthew 38:1-11 for today. 

1.  How was Er described in the passage?  What did God do as a result of evilness?

2.  What detail was shared in the passage about the second brother Onan?  How was this act viewed by the Lord and what was His response?

3.  Many children are rebellious.  Why do you think God took their acts so seriously?

4.  What to you think was the root issue in their family?

5.  How did Tamar respond to all of this?

I can tell you right now that I most likely would have taken them out with my own 2 hands rather than waiting for the Lord to intervene, but she didn’t.  Tamar showed honor and integrity in the circumstance she was given.  

We often feel that our quiet responses of grace and doing the right thing don’t matter, when actually, they speak louder than any verbal attack or Facebook post ever could.  To be honorable and show integrity despite the situations that we face are exactly what God chooses to use to expand His kingdom.

CONNECT: What current situation are you facing that challenges your character?  Most likely, it’s a difficult circumstance.  How are you walking through it, and what needs to change in order to make the most of Jesus?

Read James 1:2-4 to finish up today.  

What’s your trial?  Do you need a fresh look at it?  As a dear friend and counselor once shared with me... “Be grateful for the trial and the pain for it can lead to a great awakening of the soul like you’ve never experienced before.” I admit that my initial reaction as I was drowning in pain was that she was simply crazy.  Who would be thankful for “THIS”???

That’s when a key word comes into play from this passage - endurance.  Let it have its full affect on you.

I’m praying for each of us to respond with maturity, honor and integrity as we walk moment by moment through various trials. May we bring honor to the Lord through our honorable behavior.  

See you tomorrow for the major plot twist!  Oh, you know what’s coming!!!  


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  • Just a quick heads up… I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but there is an error in the address of the scripture reading for this lesson. I believe it should be Genesis 38:1-11, not Matthew.

    Tanya Smith

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