Tamar Lesson 5 - Your Inner Circle

Have heard that you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with?  It’s a common thought among behavioral experts, and you may have experienced this in your own life. I believe there’s much truth to this and have experienced it as a blessing during certain seasons of my life, and a curse in others.  Whether we chose our top 5 or have no control with who surrounds us, these people certainly influence who we become.

Let’s start today by listing the top 5 people in our close inner circle in our journals!  We’ll come back to this list at the end.  

Today we’ll focus on one person in Tamar’s inner circle - Judah.  Read Genesis 35:21-24.

1. Who was Judah’s mother? And what number was he in the birth order?  Hint: not the oldest!  

2.  Read Genesis 37:12-28. What part did Judah play in disposing of the “golden child” of his family (Joseph) when he was a young man?

3. Judah also had a sister named Dinah, who was raped by a man from a neighboring area.  Read Genesis 34:24-29. What was Judah involved with following this?

This was quite the band of brothers, and sweet little Tamar was ripped from her family at age 14 to marry into this family!  Not only that, but she was NOT from their people. She was an outsider.  Although she was surrounded by a new family, she was alone.  She had no control over those who surrounded her and how they treated her, so she pressed into what she believed to be right and sought to honor the Lord.

CONNECT:  Let’s go back to our 5 closest people.  Circle the one or ones who you would consider to be the representation of grace in your life.  Now underline the person(s) who do not.  There is a marked difference between them and the role they have in your life.   

Finish by reading Proverbs 12:26 and 13:20. The way you feel right now is the Holy Spirit stirring you to press into these grace relationships and step back from others.  The Lord wants good for you, not harm.  He wants us to seek relationships that glorify Him. If you realize that you need to make some changes in your 5, start with the giver of ultimate grace... Jesus.  He is the perfect example of faithfulness, love and wisdom, and He will direct you to connections that cause you to grow in Him.  I love you girls!  You have done so well to push through a full week of challenging study, but I know you will be so blessed as we see Tamar’s story unfold through scripture starting on a Monday!  Our lessons will be much less intense and will focus on the attributes of Tamar.  I can’t wait!



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