Tamar Lesson 4 - Buying into the Lie

Yesterday, we saw all kinds of examples in the life of Isaac that help us understand the culture during Tamar’s time. Today we’ll look at one final member of the family that Tamar married in to - Jacob.  His name means “deceiver,” and we’re about to see that this truly defined much of his life.  Let’s take a look at Jacob and his journey of faith.

1.  Recall the battle between Isaac’s boys from yesterday.  Scan back to Genesis 27.  How did Jacob receive his birthright considering he was the younger son of Isaac?

2.  Now scan over Genesis 29. Who later deceived Jacob into marrying the wrong woman and how?

3.  Jacob had 12 sons, including only 2 from his “favorite”wife.  If you need to refresh on this story, look over chapter 37. What deceit took place in his very own family between his sons?  

4.  Finally, how did Joseph, the most beloved son of Jacob, ultimately deceive his own family?  You may know this part too, but if you don’t, you can read the headings of the sections starting in chapter 39 and get a great idea!

Jacob’s life was absolutely tainted by his personal deceit and that of others, so why in the world would we study him?  Why would God allow him to be included in the lineage of Christ?  Good questions!  Although we don’t have time to dig much deeper into Jacob’s life, I think these questions can be answered in our connection for today.

CONNECT:  If God only used perfect people to carry His message of deliverance to the world, who would get to be a part?  If He only loved us and wanted us when we met His standards of the law or perfection, who would ever be saved?  

I’ll help you answer this... nobody.  So why do we think we can’t be used by Him because of what we’ve done or been through?  

We’re all the same.  Sinful.  We’re broken, messed up people, and we’ve been deceived by the ultimate liar.  Satan would want nothing more than to end the lineage of grace with us - here and now.  But we can’t buy the lie.  

Here’s the most incredible part out of every passage about Jacob - read Genesis 35:10-12. Jacob received a new name from the Lord God Almighty Himself!   Jacob was no longer know as the “deceiver.”  He was now Israel - “God will prevail.”  And, hallelujah, you and I have also been redeemed and given new names as His beloved ones.   

So, how exactly does Jacob connect us with Tamar?  He’s the father of the family she’s given into as a bride peace offering!  You might say that she married into a family with some baggage!  Tomorrow, we meet Judah... the unchosen son of Jacob with a few regrets on his mind.  Hang with me!  I know these have been full lessons, but the stage is now set for our entire summer of study!  It’s time!

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