Tamar Lesson 2 - The OG

For those of you in your 20s or 30s, the term OG may be familiar!  Those of us “past” that season may know it from our kids.  For the rest of you... well, here’s the Urban Dictionary’s take on it:

Urban Dictionary - “OG is used to mean Original Gangster allthough some poeple these days use OG as a quicker way of saying Original.”

So now that we’re all on the same page of “coolness,” let’s dive into scripture.  Reread Matthew 1:1-2 from yesterday, then read Genesis 12:1-3.
1.  Who was the “Original Gangster” or the OG of faith in these passages? 
2.  What sets him apart as the first one listed here in the genealogy of Christ?
HINT: what did he receive from God?
3.  Now read, Genesis 15:1-6 and 16:1-15.  What was the problem for Abraham and his wife when they considered all that God had promised to do?  What did Abraham do to try to fix this on his own?
4.  Read Genesis 21:1-7. Although things became complicated following Abraham’s attempt to play God, did God still fulfill His covenant promise through him?  How?
5.  Finally, read Genesis 21:8-21.  What happened to Hagar and Abraham’s first born son?
Thanks for bearing with me. This week is heavy on the context and history side of the story.  So why would we even go back to the beginning?  Because Tamar’s life was directly impacted by the person of Abraham.  It’s important to recognize who he was and how God used him 3 generations before Tamar was born. God chose Abraham and his descendants for a very special purpose - to be a blessing to ALL the people of the earth through his offspring.  
This covenant was pointing straight to Jesus!
Abraham clearly wasn’t a perfect servant of God, so did God still use him to fulfill His redemptive plan for the world?  Yes ma’am and amen!  So now let’s connect this to ourselves with one application question and a couple last thoughts.
CONNECTION:  Who did God place to go before you that has directly impacted your faith?  Circle them in your lineage from yesterday, or write their name in as someone God interjected as the OG in your faith family. What a blessing they are!  This person was appointed and called whether they knew it or not.  Undoubtedly, they were not perfect.  How good of our Father to use our failure as the very tool for helping us comprehend the amazingness of Christ’s grace!  Thank you, Lord!
Let’s finish today by praising God for those who have gone before us, for those who showed us a glimpse of Christ’s grace, and for those who stepped through the darkness and trusted the Light of Life. God allowed them in our lives and used them to illuminate our darkness. His perfect plan never fails!  This just may be the perfect time to also thank them personally (if you are able) for what they mean to you. They are a true blessing.
So now Tamar’s story has a beginning, and yours does too!  Let’s watch the drama unfold!!!

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