Tamar Lesson 10 - Restored

And so Tamar’s story ends here. Or does it?  Although we don’t read about her again unless we are looking back at her acts of faith, the impact of her willingness to seek and serve the Living God go out like a ripple effect reaching even you and I today.

We’re going to end our first mini study by taking a look at Judah and his family once more to see how the Lord fulfilled His mighty plan through Tamar’s life bringing restoration to her, to Judah, and to all men.

To summarize some events for you in Genesis 39-44, Little Joe {sorry that’s my throw back to Veggie Tales - Joseph} has risen to power in Egypt and is overseeing the kingdom during a horrible famine!  Jacob (Judah’s father) and his family become desperate for food, so he sends his sons to Egypt.  

Joseph uses this opportunity to reconnect with his family - but in a surprising way. He insists they return with all the brothers, including his little blood brother Benjamin.  And so they do... despite the fearful pleading of Jacob to leave Benjamin at home. He couldn’t fathom losing both of his most beloved children! 

As part of his plan, Joseph frames his little brother for theft and locks him up in Egypt! The brothers are frantic knowing this would positively be the end for their father.  And this is what unfolds...

Read Genesis 44:18-34.

1. Who steps forward out of all of the brothers to pay the penalty for Benjamin’s supposed crime?  

2. How has Judah been transformed?  Look back to the characteristics of Tamar (and Christ) that we have studied all week.  Judah is chosen, honorable, brave, and humble.  He has been transformed and restored.

3.  How is this action a foreshadowing of the coming Messiah Jesus?

Joseph goes on to reveal his true identity, and the entire family is also restored!  Grace upon grace you may say!  The blessings for obedience to the Lord are astounding. 

Now finish by reading Genesis 49:1-12... a different sort of account of lineage and blessing.

4.  What happened to the eldest sons of Jacob?  Why?  They were first in line to receive the blessing. 

5.  What became of Judah?  Again, who is this a direct prophesy of?


Judah, a young lion.  Jesus, the lion of Judah!

Judah, the praised one.  Jesus, the One deserving all praise!

Judah, leader of the royal tribe.  Jesus, King of THE Royal Tribe!

Judah, his lineage would never end.  Jesus, His rule and reign will never end!

Judah, his donkey tied to a choice vine.  Jesus, arriving on a simple donkey... He IS the Vine.

 Judah, rich and blessed.  Jesus, the Holder of all riches and blessings.

Judah, the beautiful and chosen son.  Jesus, THE beautiful and chosen Son.


Sweet, little Tamar.  

May we walk in a manner remembering her and her faith in the Living God.  The Lord has huge plans for us as we trust and yield ourselves to Him.  May we each be transformed and restored in Christ Jesus and be used as His holy vessel of grace.  Amen.

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