Ruth Lesson 8 - Just a Simple Sandal

Our story ended yesterday like a quick cut to a commercial.  Ruth had put everything on the line asking to be redeemed by Boaz, Boaz had declared his intention to redeem her, but... annnnd cut.

There is nothing boring about God’s Word!  The more I read it, the more I want to read it!  My heart aches for the characters, celebrates with the restoration of sinners, sings with the words penned by lamenters, cheers when God’s children defeat the enemy, and quiets at the pursuing love of Jesus. I see myself on every page. And today, we see a broken bride redeemed!!!  She is wanted, chosen, and covered by the grace of a man of honor... it’s what we we’ve been rooting for all along!

Read Ruth 4:1-12.

1.  How did Boaz use Godly wisdom to reveal the intentions of the kinsmen Redeemer that was in line for Ruth before him?

2.  Why do you think Boaz chose a public redemption?

3.  A sandal was exchanged as a symbol of the redemption of Elimelech’s family through the taking of his impoverished widow.  What is the symbol of our redemption in Jesus Christ?

4.  Ruth, once an outcast among God’s chosen people, was now celebrated as one chosen and accepted.  How did this change in an instant?

CONNECT: How is it that we, the enemies God because of our sin, can be instantly redeemed and included into His chosen children and family?  Does race, gender, history, or ANYTHING keep us from this privilege once we enter into our Redeemer’s arms as His chosen bride?  Do you remember this moment in your life when everything changed?

Ruth was an amazing woman.  She did everything right.  She served, loved, worked, and stayed - but none of this was enough to earn her way into the tribe of Israel.  It was only by the redemptive power of one man that she was allowed in.  And it is only by the power of the One man sent to earth from His heavenly home that you and are are accepted as daughter of the King - by Christ’s humble gift of His very own blood.  Jesus Christ offered His everything for you and I as His beloved bride!

I hope you’re reading along in the novel Lineage of Grace as you study.  This story is giving me such joy!  There’s a wedding about to happen, y’all, and we’ve been invited to the celebration!  See you tomorrow!

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