Ruth Lesson 6 - Uncovered

Several years ago, Brian and I had the opportunity to go on mission with our church family to the Austin, TX, area. We served at an international apartment complex that primarily housed Muslim families new to the US for educational purposes. It was a week of creative outreach to their children through a mini VBS plus lots of attempted conversation through a translator app... and the Lord did a mighty work in a specific family!

We saw a sweet couple who had been seeking truth come to know Jesus!  It was incredible, and they had a heart to share with their families back home and the other families within that complex as a result!  So what happened?

First, the wife reached out to her parents across the globe and shared the gospel... and they told her she was no longer their child, to never come home, and, if they saw her or her husband in person, they would have to kill them.  Devastating.  

As time went on, they were also bold to tell of Jesus and His saving grace to others in the complex... and they were threatened and forced to find a new safe place to live.  Discouraging. 

BUT God is good, and He has a plan!  The last we heard, Ali and his family were serving the Lord passionately in their new community and church.  God placed them in the perfect safe spot to help them grow in their faith and be discipled along with others in a similar circumstance.  They have experienced joy and blessings in the most unexpected ways because they took the risk and trusted Jesus with their all!

I’m telling you this because doing what you have been called to do can be risky.  Just because the Lord gives us a mission, doesn’t mean it will be easy or safe or even something we feel confident to do.  The results will not always be what we imagine, but the Lord is working far beyond what we can see or understand through our obedience and confidence in His plan.  We may never see the effects of how He chooses to use our lives, but we can be certain that He will use our willing hearts.  This is exactly the type of risk-taking that Ruth faced in today’s passage.

 Read Ruth 3:1-9.

1.  What part of Naomi’s plan was risky?  What could have potentially happened to Ruth?

2.  Why were Naomi and Ruth willing to risk everything in order to seek refuge and redemption from a Boaz?

3.  What do you think “uncovering his feet” symbolized?

4.  What do you think a family redeemer is?  Google it a bit, if you need some direction.

5.  Read Romans 3:21-26. Who is our Redeemer?  What debt did He pay?

CONNECT:  Have you ever reached a point of desperate need and brokenness in your life that led you to task a risk and trust the Lord with your whole heart?  What brought you to the realization that THE Redeemer was there and ready to cover you, pay your debt, take you as His own, and give you new life?

You and I are Ruth, my sister, and the answers to the connect questions above are your testimony. You have a story to tell of being rescued!  No, most of us have not experience the same type of loss as Ruth, but we have experienced broken life and know what it is to need to be redeemed.  This is the hope we have to share!

If you haven’t recognized this yet, I pray that you will hear the Lord calling you and moving in your life. He is directing you to the only way to be saved from a hopeless end.  He has made a perfect way, meets our every need, and is ready and willing to pay our sin debt when we come  to Him in humility and ask to be taken under His redeeming wings!  Take the risk.  Uncover your heart.  Ask and you will receive!

See you tomorrow to see how Boaz responds!

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