Ruth Lesson 10 - One Generation

And so we’ve walked a mile in Ruth’s sandals, I guess you could say. From Moab as a child bride of a foreigner to the destitute life of an impoverished widow seeking simple grains for her next meal to a restored bride into the family of Christ.  Her tears fill the gaps between the words in these 4 chapters and can never be completely understood by those of us who read her story thousands of years later.  But we have an even greater privilege than knowing Ruth personally... we know the One whom every moment of Ruth’s life pointed to. 

Read Ruth 4:18-22.

1.  Who was the mother of Perez?  Of Boaz?  Of Obed?

2.  Read Matthew 1:17.  How many generations was it from Abraham to David?  From David to Babylonian captivity?  From captivity to Christ?

3.  Do some quick research and see if you can find out how long a generation typically represents in the Bible.  

CONNECT: Do you ever feel like your trials last so long?  How do the length of our days compare to the time referenced here in Matthew?

I don’t know about you, but when I’m in the middle of a deep personal struggle, I can quickly lose perspective of the sovereignty of God and His timing.  I have a hard time enduring long days, being still, and trusting my place in His plan.

BUT when I look deep into the lives of women like Tamar, Rahab, and Ruth, I am reminded that my days matter to the King of all kings. He knows my tears, my dreams, my pain, and my failures. He also knows my future, my calling, my purpose, and my part of His story.  I am not lost in the span of all time that God holds in His hands... He is turning my day by day into His story if I choose to let Him.

We each have just 1 generation to steward... just as Tamar, Rahab, and Ruth had. I’m praying that you and I will be faithful to our Father and honor Him with each of the days we are given. One day in one life of one generation can be used to impact forever when we give our hearts to the One.

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