Rahab Lesson 9 - Saved by Grace through Faith

What’s the best movie you’ve ever seen?  My favorite has to be The Blind Side. It is so full of hope and is a beautiful picture of color-blind love. I can watch it again and again and still cheer for Michael every time!  He was rescued from his former life and given a new chance beyond his wildest dreams.  It didn’t matter where he had been before - he was a part of the family now and had a glorious future!  Sound familiar?!  Rahab lived it, and you and I have lived this as well as Christ’s adopted daughters.  We are rescued, chosen, and blessed!

Read Joshua 6:22-27.

1. Who got to storm in and save Rahab?  Can’t you imagine the excitement as they ran calling her name?!  So glorious!

2.  Why did the Israelites destroy the city?

3.  Why was Rahab spared?  (This is a trick question... go back to today’s title for a hint!)

Finish by reading Ephesians 2:1-10.

CONNECT:  Rahab was as good as dead, both spiritually and physically - just as you and I were.  What does the Bible specifically name as the way to salvation... faith or works? 

As a result of coming to salvation because of our faith in God’s Son, what are we saved for?

God prepared both the way and the works for each of us.  It’s not the works that cause us to be saved, but rather it is our simple faith from right where we are. 

I’m going to end with a quote out of the “She Reads Truth” devotional Bible. Amanda Bible Williams writes this, “The faith-filled actions of Rahab did more than save two Israelite spies; they began a new chapter of redemption in her story. That same powerful God who preserved His people in mighty ways is the God who saw Rahab and called her to Himself. He’s the God who took a woman commonly labeled by her sin and made her a woman indelibly labeled by His grace.”


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