Rahab Lesson 8 - A Fast of Silence

Have you ever fasted from something?  Other than Diet Coke or social media, my experiences don’t go very deep.  I know that fasting is Biblical and purposeful, but it’s hard!  Just to be honest!  Today, we’re looking at a profound form of fasting taken by the Israelites at the command of the Lord - a fast of silence.  I know I have much to learn through this example!

According to the Biblical definition and meaning of fasting, it is “denying something physical to glorify God and go deeper with Him in the Spirit.” (allaboitgod.com)

1.  How do you think that fasting could bring glory to God?

2.  How could it lead us to go deeper in our relationship with Him?

3.  Read Joshua 6:1-21.  What did this fast look like for the children of Israel?  

4. How did it give the glory to God for the victory while causing the people of God to become more dependent on Him and know Him more?

5.  Why do you think God commanded they end the fast with a mighty shout then move forward to take the city?


This isn’t how I would have wanted to attack my enemy, that’s for sure!  I would have wanted to come in with arrows-a-blazing and let them know who was boss!  Me!!!  I can see why God had them quietly await His perfect timing and battle strategy.  It wasn’t about them.  It was about His power and glory. 

CONNECT:  Today I feel like we should each ask the Lord for His will on fasting in our own lives.  God is personal and knows what you and I each need in order to cut out distraction and focus simply on Him.  Let’s commit to pray for each other to be sensitive and faithful to our Father’s leading for what will bring Him the most glory in our lives... regardless of the cost.

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