Rahab Lesson 7 - Get Ready!

Over the course of about 2 1/2 years, I’ve experienced a season of what I’d consider the “wilderness” in my life. It’s been a time of waiting for the Lord to lead me in a new place, being sustained by him day by day, and seeing most everything that I’ve ever known be cut away in a literal sense. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this happened due to some sin and disobedience in my life and in the lives of others combined with a fulfillment of God’s promise of redemption and new life.  I’m wondering if you have also walked in the wilderness... days often turning into years?

Today’s passage is for you and me.  I’ve prayed a lot for insight on how to connect it to us - as it is deeply rooted in Old testament (pre-Jesus) practices. I’m often quick to think that this doesn’t apply to me - like I’m reading an old junior history textbook.  However, after studying and praying, I believe it SPECIFICALLY applies to us.  This is the day that God awakens us in the wilderness to prepare us for our home coming!

1.  Read Joshua 5:1-9.  What act of obedience are the Israelites commanded to take part in?

2.  Flip back to Genesis 17:9-14.  Why would this new generation need a reminder of their inclusion in the covenant?

3.  Now read Joshua 5:10-12.  What practice did the entire camp stop to observe? 

4.  Flip back to Exodus 12:12-14.  Why would they stop right before battle to do this?

5.  Finally, read Joshua 5:10-15.  What happened on the day following their observance of the Passover?  What’s the significance of this?

6.  How does Joshua personally prepare for the battle ahead as the leader of the people?

CONNECT: The richness of these few verses astounds me in my personal walk of faith as I connect them to my own heart!  Here are a few areas that stand out to me, and I hope you can meditate on them for yourself:

Why do you and I need constant REMINDERS of God’s promises and past work in our life?

What has God chosen to CUT OUT of your life in order to demonstrate to you that you are chosen and set apart for His plan?

What sort of CHANGE have you experienced that has caused you to depend on the Lord in a whole new way than you ever have before?

How do you personally PREPARE for the Lord’s plans for you when you don’t know what lies ahead?

The wilderness is an important time in our lives.  We get to see God’s incredible and personal hand of provision and leading despite where we have gone wrong.  He demonstrates such an outpouring of love on us - even in our wandering.  But I don’t want to stay there, and I don’t want you to either!   40 years is a long time!!!  I’m praying that you and I will be sensitive to God’s leading and that we will obey Him in preparation for coming home and experiencing the fulfillment of His new covenant with us! 

Lord, please make us ready for the new day!

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