Rahab Lesson 6 - So That

Every year I choose a “word of the year” to set the tone and help me focus on a specific action. I seek the Lord’s direction on this for most of December.  Many of you do the same!  I actually heard a speaker once share that God directed her to the word “survivor”. She joked that it was scary at first and that she told the Lord she didn’t want that word!  She had to learn to completely trust the Lord in all things - not knowing what was ahead.  I get it!  My word(s) this year were  “so that.”  They’ll make more sense at the end of today’s study!

Our reading will be a bit longer today as we see the Israelites enter the Promised Land.  Read Joshua chapters 3 & 4.  

1.  What specific commands of Joshua stand out to you?

2.  When was God going to cut off the raging flood of the Jordan?  How did the priests respond to this command?

3.  Once across, what did the twelve selected leaders from each tribe do in obedience to God?

4.  Look closely again at 4:24.  Why did God have them set the stones?

 There are my words... “so that!”  Since I began to focus on these two tiny words, they pop out to me regularly in scripture. 

5.  What do the words “so that” direct us to understand?

CONNECT:  When have you had to take a step of faith and obedience in your life and trust the Lord to fulfill His promises to you?  Did He come through?  How?

Does your life serve as a testimony of what the Lord has done?  

You and I may not set large boulders in front of our homes to get people to ask.. although that would generate some questions I imagine!  But what can we do to generate curiosity from others in order open the door for a simple conversation with someone about what the Lord is doing in our lives?

Over 20 years ago, my mom gave me a silver charm bracelet.  For 2 decades, I have added little charms of remembrance that tell a story of my life.  Every one of those charms points back to the Lord and His hand of sovereignty in my life - even when I didn’t realize it at the time of their purchase.  Just to name a few:

a beach chair - a look back at time of precious fellowship with the women that God blessed me with in that season of my life

a college charm - the symbol of God’s hand of strength to help me through challenging times

a pair of tennis shoes - a sweet reminder of a mission trip I experienced with my oldest son when we saw God’s hand of provision to provide the exact number of shoes we needed for some orphans through the sacrifice of my sons personal shoes

People notice this bracelet. They ask. And I get to tell the story of God’s amazing faithfulness and grace!

What will you set in your life to tell of God’s work so that others will may know of His mighty hand?

So that...  May we follow in faith and declare the great name of the Lord our God!

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