Rahab Lesson 5 - A Scarlet Thread

Do you ever feel like the more you study the Bible, the less you realize that you know?!  Our God is simply brilliant and extravagant and is so far above us!!!  Today’s lesson is one of those moments for me!

The beauty and complexity of God’s letter to us simply amazes me.  What first seems like a bunch of random people and stories when you study them individually actually comes together in a great and beautiful tapestry of grace.  God has woven together the most extravagant gift imaginable to us told through the lives and events in His letter.  Every page.  Every character.  Every event.  They’re all part of His great love story in which you and I are main characters - and it’s all woven together with a single perfect scarlet thread.

Read Joshua 2:15-24.

1.  How do the spies escape imminent death?

2.  What color is this rope?  Why is this significant?

3.  What part does this same rope play in the salvation of Rahab from impending destruction for her and her family?

Looking back to our last study, read Genesis 38:27-30.  Now flip to Exodus 12:12-13.  Turn over to Exodus 26:1 and finally to Exodus 28:31-35.

4.  What is the common thread of these passages?

5.  Most importantly, who is foretold and represented by this color?  Why this color specifically?  

Do you see it?!  God’s love for you and I is so incredible and overwhelming - so much so that He gave His only son so that whoever believes in Him will have eternal life. The gift of Jesus is the greatest love story ever!

CONNECT:  How have you seen the scarlet thread of God’s love in your own life?  How has He woven His gift of redemption through Christ’s blood into the pages of your story?

Praise Him!  Our own stories are not just a collection of disconnected successes and failures.  They are moments that have been divinely woven into His story of grace - all with a single beautiful Scarlet Thread.  Jesus!

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