Rahab Lesson 3 - An Unlikely Choice

I hope you’ve had a chance to read some of Book 2 in Lineage of Grace.  This book is classified as historical fiction meaning that the events are based on fact with fictional details added to the story in order to enhance our understanding of the actual events on a human and emotional level.

On the other hand, the Bible is 100% truth - no fictional details and no embellishments to generate emotion.  These are not enhanced stories.  They are factual recordings of real people’s real lives.  That’s why it’s so important for us to be rooted in the truth of scripture and not just on the words of men.  We have to know what’s real to recognize what’s not.

So let’s read the Biblical account of Rahab in Joshua 2:1-7.

1.  What was Rahab’s profession? 

2.  How do you think the community of Jericho viewed Rahab?  How do you think the spies viewed her? 

Quick side note:  I am honestly quick to judge people, and I don’t think I’m alone in this.  We Christians seem to think that we have some sort of wisdom about who God would want to use for His kingdom and who doesn’t qualify. In reality, not one of us do.  Thank God that He uses those whose hearts are open to Him rather than those who seem perfect.  He uses the broken, the humble, and the willing... And He allows us to face the reality of our depravity in order to burst open the floodgates of His grace that washes us clean and free! 

3.  What was Rahab risking when she knowingly took in the spies and lied to the king about it?  Why would she have done this?

4.  The fact that Rahab lied to protect the spies was recorded here as part of her actions.  Does a recording of an event in the Bible mean God approves of it?

5.  Why do you believe that God would choose to include a lying prostitute in the lineage of Christ?


CONNECT:  Why would God choose to use any of us?  Is Rahab’s sin any more detestable than mine or yours? 

Finish by writing down 3 words that you think describe Rahab’s faith.  I’ve listed broken, childlike, and pure.  If you want, share yours in a comment!  I’d love to hear from y’all!

I believe THIS is exactly why God chose Rahab.  She was ready to receive Him and desperate for a His salvation.  She wasn’t perfect.  She called for Him from her window of prostitution to be saved!!!  Her Deliverer was coming!!!

Oh sister, the Lord acts on our behalf when we seek Him with a pure heart of wreckage, and He is mighty to save!  Swing open those shutters and call to Him!

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