Rahab Lesson 2 - Crossing Over

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged for the Lord your God is with you.” Joshua 1:9

These familiar words are the theme verse for our family. I have a cute Hobby Lobby sign declaring them, I wrote them on the back of a cross for my son as he graduated last month, and it’s in our family bio on our renovation blog page.  But do we believe it?  Do we LIVE it?  That’s the tough part.  And that’s what we’re studying today.

Read Joshua 1:10-2:1.

The beginning of Unashamed in the Lineage of Grace book takes us on the journey with the 2 spies sent by Joshua as they are called to leave their tribe, cross the Jordan and enter Jericho.  I would recommend you read the first bit of the novelette as you study this passage.

Our questions today are also our CONNECT questions.  We each have a Jordan River and a Jericho - something that seems too much for us to face.  I pray that this exact thing will flood your thoughts as we look at God’s instructions on a deeper level and that you will hear Him speak into this circumstance specifically.

1. In 1:11, what does Joshua tell the people to do?  How does this same command look in your life for what you’re facing?

2.  In 1:13, what is the promise given to the people?  Have you personally caught a glimpse of what’s on the other side of your Jordan?  Ask the Lord to give you hope and strengthen you even now as you hear the water rushing.

3.  In 1:16, how do the people respond?  What message do they shout back to Joshua?  How have you responded to what the Lord has placed in front of you?  Be honest!  This truth is sometimes a hard reality, but necessary to face.

4.  In 2:1, what do the spies do when they are chosen and commanded to go and scout the land?  

These 3 words stand out to me in my translation, “so they left.”

No questioning.

No time for extensive preparation.

No hesitation.

They left.

What’s your response to your calling to be strong and go?  

Honestly, this is the challenging part for me.  Getting ready feels safe, and catching a glimpse of the Promise Land is encouraging and empowering.  Even speaking the words that you’re ready {let’s do this!} are fairly comfortable.  But to go???  Now wait a minute!  This requires a whole different level of faith and response.

This part of Francine Rivers’ writing made such a familiar passage of scripture come alive to me.  When the spies left the camp and came to the Jordan, the Jordan didn’t part.  It was raging at flood level...  and they didn’t know how to swim!  I’ll let you read the story from here to see what happened, but I saw myself in that moment.

Do I turn around?  Do I look for another way so that I can avoid the roaring river?  Or do I start wading in with trust?

My friend, I’m praying for you and ask that you pray for me as we take the daunting step of crossing over!  God has HUGE plans on the other side for us when we trust and obey!

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