Rahab Lesson 10 - Faith over Fear

And so the pages keep turning.  We have seen Rahab rescued and redeemed!  Francine Rivers elaborates beautifully on what her homecoming may have been like as she became one of the children of God and began dwelling among the Israelite people. We’ll finish today with what God considered significant about Rahab in the writings about her in the New Testament. 

1.  Read Matthew 1:1-6.  We’ve read it a few times already. Who does Rahab marry according to Biblical documentation, and more importantly, who is her son and future descendent?  

2.  Read Hebrews 11:31.  In the “hall of faith” passage in the New Testament, why is Rahab included?  

3.  Now read James 2:14-26. Why is Rahab included here?

This specific passage from James is a controversial passage that people like to debate in order to tear down the Bible. Is it faith or works that saves us?  Paul declares by faith alone, and James here says we are justified by works. 

I read a lot on this before writing here... the bottom line is that James and Paul are saying the same thing, but James is making a bold statement to get us to question the validity of our faith.  The faith that truly justifies us in Jesus Christ will produces works. If our faith doesn’t change us and prompt us to live for the Lord, it isn’t real faith. It’s dead. Do the works save us?  No. They are simply the evidence of our true saving faith.

CONNECT: Have you ever wondered if you are really saved?  This isn’t unusual.  We all have moments when we question if our faith is valid and our salvation genuine.  Here, we can test our faith against what James says.

Are we changed? (NOT are we perfect... the calling is not perfection)

Is our faith active and pressing us forward to growth and action for the kingdom?

Does our faith convict and urge us in obedience and service to our King Jesus?

Without this undercurrent from the Holy Spirit that washes us in faith and grows us in grace, we do need to question the validity of our salvation. Faith in action looks different in each of our lives, according to our personal calling from God, but it looks like something. 

Rahab. Saved through grace by faith and called to good deeds prepared long in advance for her.

You and I.  Saved by grace through faith and called to good deeds prepared long in advance for us.

May the lineage of Christ’s grace live on through us! 

I’ll see you on July 8th when we pick up with our study of Ruth!!!

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