Rahab Lesson 1 - Second Chances

Welcome to part 2 of our Lineage of Grace study!  Whether you studied Tamar with us or are joining us for the first time, I’m so glad you’re going to be a part!  We’ll be reading the Unashamed novelette (book 2) of Francine Rivers’ writings called Lineage of Grace while we are reading supporting scriptures of the Biblical account of Rahab at the same time. 

Today, let’s start in a different fashion.  Read the “Setting the Scene” portion for book 2 in Lineage of Grace.  This is an amazing overview of the context for our study.

Now turn to Matthew 1:1-5 and Joshua 1:1-9.  Let’s journal a few thoughts as our story’s set in motion.  

1.  What has transpired for God’s people since we read about Tamar back in Genesis?

2.  What is on the horizon for God’s children as we pick up in their plight in the book of Joshua?  How long have they wandered and hoped for another opportunity to enter the Promised Land?

3.  What does God promise Joshua and His people at this time?

4. What warning does He give them?

It’s important to know that’s Rahab isn’t in this camp. She’s a pagan. An outsider.  And she waits and watches at the same time within the walls of Jericho for God’s people to come take the land... her own opportunity for a second chance.

CONNECT: As we begin this study, do you see yourself as a child of God or as Rahab?  Which camp are you in?  Are you ready and waiting to march in and take hold of God’s blessings that you know you’ve been missing or are you waiting in fear, darkness, and desperation for an opportunity to be rescued and offered a fresh start?

Either way - our God is a God of new chances!  Praise Him!

I’m praying our hearts are ready to receive truth, to trust, and to act on the gifts offered by the Living God. He is making a way - NO MATTER where we are currently sitting. It’s not too late to obey and trust Him. Let’s take hold of all that He promises!

See you tomorrow in Jericho!

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