Tamar Lesson 1 - Your Place in His Plan

Welcome to our summer study and book read.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to have you along on this journey with me!  For some of you, this will be the first time you’ve completed a study this way - independently and through an online site - but I think you’ll enjoy it!  Let me tell you, I am blown away by how many of you are coming together here from the US and Canada as sisters in Christ to study His Word!  You are not alone on this journey, so let’s start connecting!  

My goal in writing this simple study is 3 part:

1. To connect us with God’s Word and see how alive, beautiful, and personal it is.

2.  To connect us with the 5 women we will study in seeing that we are all the same - called, imperfect, and in desperate need of our Redeemer.

3.  To connect us to our calling as servants of the King of kings through the identification of our current circumstances and how Hea is using them RIGHT NOW to fulfill His perfect plan to rescue all of humanity!


Each mini-study will be 2 weeks (10 days) long and independent of the others. They will remain here on my website, so you can work at your own pace.  Each of the 10 days will consist of 3 parts:

1.  Specific passages of study from the Bible, included in and connected to our character’s story.

2.  A few questions to journal along with a brief commentary to help clarify what’s going on in the passages.

3.   A connection section to help you see how it looks in your own life and how we can live this out right now.


You can read the novelette at your own pace - some of you will read it all in a day and others will choose to read a few pages each day.  I would recommend reading only the section that is linked to our current study in order to get the most out of it. Your understanding of the scripture, culture, struggle, and redemption of each character will be enhanced as you read her story told through the pen of renowned author Francine Rivers.  It’s historical fiction... TRUE history told in the manner of a short story.  

I can honestly say that I have just fallen in love with each character as I have read her plight to honor the Lord despite her own fallenness, adversity, limitations, etc., and I have seen each of these aspects in my own heart. I am challenged to look at my life in a fresh way and to take my calling as a servant of the Lord more seriously. We are each in the Lineage of Grace because of Jesus, and we have each been chosen to carry on His name.


I am praying that we experience both physical rest and spiritual renewal during these lazy days of summer.  I’m praying you come to LOVE the word of God and become hungry for more.  And I’m praying that you experience the direct hand of Jesus as your Redeemer in a whole new way!!!

For today, we’ll just look at one important passage as the spring board for the next 10 weeks.  Grab your Bible and a notebook or journal, and read Matthew 1:1-17. 

Bet you’ve skipped over this in the past, like me... but it’s HUGE!  So, 3 thoughts to wrap up:

1.  Who did the lineage start with?  Who does it end with?   And if you know or can figure it out, how much of the Bible does this lineage cover?  One book? 5? All of it?  We’ll come back to this!

2.  Find and circle the 5 women mentioned in the genealogy.  Yes, write in your Bible!  It’s God’s book for you to study!!!

3.  Finally, spend a few minutes to draw out your own lineage as far backward and forward as you know. I included a pic of mine.  We’ll refer back to this soon! 


Sister, you have a place. You have been perfectly set in time in this place. And you have been surrounded by divinely appointed people in this time in this place.  So, get ready. Your story is about to get real!


  • I miss your lovely booth at Canton! I’m really happy to join this study and thank you so much for your heart and effort to make it happen. Blessings!

    Laurie Wallace
  • Emily and Kris, I’m so excited to study with y’all!!! Thanks for studying with me!

  • A friend gave me this book a while ago. I started reading, but never finished it. Can’t wait to go through this study together!

  • So excited!!

    Emily Wolf

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