Bathsheba Lesson 10 - The Wife of Uriah

Well, we’ve reached the end of one of the most incredible stories of love and loss that has ever been told.  Lifetime could totally do a number with Bathsheba’s story!  I hope you’ve been able to connect with the power of her life as God used it to tell His greater story of redemption. We’re all Bathsheba... in need of restoration.

So where do we go from here, and how does Bathsheba connect us forward to the gift of Christ Jesus, our King?  Read Matthew 1:1-6 and then verse 17.

1.  How is Bathsheba listed in the genealogy of Christ?

2.  Why do you think God included her in the lineage of His holy Son but called her the “wife of Uriah”? 

3.  How many generations took place between Bathsheba and Mary?  What happened during this time?

4.  What do Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, and Bathsheba all share as the common theme of their stories?  How do their stories point to the ultimate Redeemer?


How does your story tie in?  Does it point to Jesus?  

You may think that your life doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of eternity, but it does!  Every single one of us who looks to the God of all creation and accepts His free gift of salvation through His beloved Son, is part of His great big redemption story for all men!  We can never underestimate the power of our transformation story on the life of another soul.  God has a purpose for every high and low of our fleeting lives.  WE are the carrier of this lineage of grace to the next generation!

Who will hear your story and be changed?  

Who needs to hear of the Christ’s power and be encouraged that our Redeemer lives?

Who is battling lies and defeat right now and is desperate for hope?

That’s when you and I step in, sister, and boldly tell our story in order to bring glory to the Lord! He is Light in the darkness. Hope for the hopeless.  Rest for the weary.  Healing for the broken.  And a home for the lost.  He is joy, wisdom, strength, dignity, refuge, love,... you know this!  

Go, sweet child, and carry His message to the souls that are waiting. 



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