Something Stinks in Here

I’m letting y’all in on just a bit of team Herman’s craziness today because of a significant verse I read in 1 Samuel 16:7 this morning. “Do not look at the outer appearance... man sees what is visible, but the Lord sees the heart.”

Our home goes for sale on Friday, and this is one of my favorite pics of us and our journey over the last year of remodeling a farmhouse in Boerne,TX.  I’m sharing this pic and story for a reason.  It reveals the grit and reality of the restoration of our soon-to-be home, and honestly, of our lives. Demo day was fun, even without Chip, until WORST part of this place... the old laundry room. 

As we “demoed” this room {is that even a word?!?}, a strange and unpleasant smell got worse and worse. It was taking over the house.  With layer after layer being pulled off of the walls, the odor began to burn your eyes, hurt your throat and simply disgust you.  It was only after all the exterior coverings were stripped away, that the true source of the stink was revealed... dog pee.  In the walls.  Soaked in and stinking.  It had to go.  Completely.

What followed was a process of stripping and replacing the damaged parts - it even required some cutting out of the stinky stuff and replacing it with all new materials.  And now it’s on its way to a whole fresh and restored life as part of our home’s heart... the kitchen. New life. New purpose. No pee.

I share this because that’s how gracious the Lord is to expose and correct the worst parts of us - even when we try to cover it up.  He sees the heart.  That little bit of dog pee that doesn’t seem like that big of a deal WILL take over if left there to soak in.  Thankfully, He allows the demo to take place - even if it gets worse for a while - to get to the root and replace it with all things new.  And if that’s not enough, He gives us renewed and fruitful service on top of it all! {Shout out to BSF girls right here... that may sound familiar!}

And so our journey continues... grace upon grace!

Thanks for coming along!

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