So that...

Don’t you wish that you had a page at the end of each chapter of your life that reads something like this? A page full of closures, explanations, and insight into the whys of the tear-stained pages that came before. Oh my goodness, I know I do.

This is the very statement that bridges Psalms 105 and 106. Written 400+ years following these events in the lives of the chosen people of God, we’re privileged to see that there was a perfect plan the whole time. Every person, every position, every provision... all of it. And yet the Israelites cried out “why” and “how long” as their souls refused to simply grasp a different kind of trust. The kind that doesn’t have to know why - it just believes that our Father knows best for all men and all time. Wilderness stories are not limited to the Israelites. 

•Consider Noah with a fist of nails while his neighbors scoffed.
•Abraham’s every step as he climbed the mountain of sacrifice with Isaac.
•Jonah as he choked on fish guts in the dark for days.
•Elijah’s begging to just die in the desert out of fear.
•Rahab calling out to strangers in hope of new life.
•Ruth following Naomi to a land of hatred for her kind.
•And then there’s Job, David, Peter, Paul, John, and Mary just to name a few more that journeyed through valleys.

There is a why. For each of these and for us. It doesn’t take perfection to be written into His story, because it’s all written in perfection. We may not be the ones to see our stories play out, but “all of this” will play a part in someone else’s story that comes behind our own. Our journeys as beloved children of God may be the very bridge that connects someone else’s life chapters. It’s a new kind of trust. One worth being okay if this page is left out because the Good Author has already written the perfect ending, and we just don’t have to know why our little part looked the way it did right now.

So that...

Yes, we can praise the Lord!


“Give thanks to the Lord for he is good; His love endures forever!” Psalm 107:1



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