𝓢𝓪𝓵𝓽𝔂 𝓽𝓮𝓪𝓻𝓼.

A few years ago, I found myself in a tough situation. You could say it was a “wrong people, wrong place, wrong time” issue, but I was honestly struggling with some deep stuff. I knew Jesus. He was my Savior. But I had become numb to His truth and was scrambling to do well on my own.

We’re not immune to sin as believers. In fact, the enemy sees us as an even greater target to take down because we belong to God. Nothing brings him greater pleasure than to bring discouragement and defeat to a child of THE King.

And so, I stood at the edge of my own Red Sea certain I would drown trying to escape from the pursuit of what held me captive. But God had made a way of new life for me.

I read about the Red Sea as I was writing this, and most experts believe that the Israelites walked OVER 10 MILES across the dry ground. This is a far cry from the Sunday School picture of a little Red Sea in my brain! They also know that there were millions of Israelites. Can you imagine?!? What a sight that must have been as they carried their children, led animals, and toted their plundered treasures - as God had promised hundreds of years before in Genesis 15.

Author @jennlongtx examines the elements of the Passover in connection with Jesus Christ in her study Rescued. One element is salt water - to remind the Jews of their deliverance from the tears of oppression in Egypt through the Red Sea. Salty tears of pain and fear were transformed into those of rescue. She teaches, “The salt can represent both sadness and salvation, ruin and redemption.” The Red Sea was the very channel the Lord used to show His power to rescue His people.

I know. The journey across seems so long and scary, especially when we can’t see the other side. There’s fear that the water walls will crash in. But our God is good. He doesn’t rescue us only to crush us. He calls us out to deliver us fully!

Keep walking, sister. Thank Him for the treasures and the dry ground. Taste the salty tears and remember that He is transforming your life through them. Sorrow to salvation. Pain to peace.

Jesus, may we rejoice in the salty tears of our transformation through you today! Amen.

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