Putting Fear in its Place

Fear is no joke. In my recent past, I’ve allowed it to have a place in my life to a debilitating level. It kept me out of the grocery store for almost a year.  It stopped me from attending Bible Studies. It kept me prisoner in my own heart and mind. It’s real and it’s powerful.


But... fear is a liar. It fights to cause doubt in us about who God is. It seeks to destroy rather than protect. It desires to crush what the Lord has chosen to heal.  And our God is more powerful than any lie or the damage it has left.


However... fear is also a choice. It’s a choice we must make in whom to believe. Will we trust the Lord our God who has never failed us or led us astray, or will we choose to trust the enemy who hates us and all we are?  We have to pick. 


As simple as the choice seems to be, in the face of fear, we are often too weak to even stand.  Therefore, we must choose then to call upon the strength of the Lord, surround ourselves in the truth of His word and steadfast character, and live in day by day {even moment by moment} dependence on him. There is no place, no one, and no lie that He cannot help us overcome!  


I love you friend. I understand. You’re not alone in the struggle against fear.  But it’s not me or a tee or a devotional that will ever change this.  It’s Jesus and His ever-faithful presence. He cares for you.  You can get out of that car and go in.  Trust Him and silence the fear!


“But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.”- Matthew 10:30-31


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