Flowing Grace

“There will be life everywhere the river goes.”

Ezekiel 47:9

I know Bible Study, especially connecting the Old Testament to the New Testament, can be confusing sometimes. That’s why I’m so thankful for godly men and women who pass along what they have learned to enhance my own studying! It’s amazing what just one little sprout of understanding can do to deepen our love and passion for Jesus... like this passage from Ezekiel!

Up until this point, sinners {everybody!} had to take their animal blood sacrifices to God as a way to make things right. Over and over. But here in Ezekiel, something is foretold that will change the world forever! Ezekiel sees a river in a vision from the Lord. It’s not just any river, but a river that flows OUT of the temple thresholds in all directions. And as it flows, it heals the foul waters of the sea, making things fresh and alive! The fish abound, and the trees blossom all along its banks to provide fruit and medicine! It was a river of life!

This vision given to Ezekiel by God was just a glimpse that the gift of Jesus was coming - told 600 years before His arrival on earth! God’s mercy on sinners would soon be flowing as grace through the amazing, life-giving, once-and-for-all sacrifice of Jesus! God was coming to man!

This tiny tid-bit of understanding was shared in a study that I’m part of at my church. I hope it sparks a wild desire in you, like it did in me, to dig into God’s incredible Word today! No, we won’t always understand everything as we read... He’s God after all!  But He is faithful to reveal layers of His beautiful and complete redemption story to us as we seek to know Him.

The River is Life is flowing!

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